Wendy Artino (Italy)

Master in the Lash & Brow sector for than 6 years.
Operator in the beauty sector for over 7 years, she has focused on training with many international Masters
Judge and Speaker at various international conferences and competitions:
Speaker lashmasterlegends Rome 2018
Speaker lashmastermind Brasil 2018
Judge Mylash international championship Lisbon 2018
Judge world Lash olympiad Venice 2019
Judge internetional Lash cup Napoli 2019
Judge campeonato copa America Argentina 2019
Judge games for throne in beauty Vienna 2019
Speaker and Judge lashmastermind Brasil 2019
JUDGE MY LASH internetional championship Lisbona 2019
Judge Lash competition timisoara 2019
JUDGE simetria Lash Match 2019
Judge Lash cup Italy Brindisi 2019
Judge sunshine pro series Australia
Speaker Torino Beauty Congress 2019
Speaker champ_lash_feerie Barcelona 2019
Judge Lashmaster2020 Messico 18 Gennaio 2020
Speaker Ucraina 25 Gennaio 2020
Judge 14-15-16 Febbraio Venezia 2020
Judge 21-22 Marzo Pescara 2020
Judge lash secret online 2019/2020
Judge sculptur lash 2020 Ucraina
Awarded among the top 100 lash & brow (Award top 100) 2018
Iata Awarded among the most acclaimed masters with the 2019 gold eyelash award
More than 30 certificates related to the Lash & Brow world
Lashmaker, Lamimaker, Dermopigmentist.
Winner of the first place in the Fantasy Lash Competition, Rome 2017
Creator and organizer of the first Campus Lash & Brow 2018 cruise (DREAM CAMPUS CROCIER LASH & BROW)
Creator and organizer of the first Italian online competition dedicated exclusively to Lamination (LAMIMAKER QUEEN - ONLINE COMPETITION 2018)
Creator for the first MASTERCLASS Fly lash Malaga 2019
Creator for the first MASTERCLASS EYEBROW DESIGNER in Italy 2019
Has completed more than 600 training between 2017 and 2019 between Italy, Argentina, Brazil and France, Spagna.

Lyuba Bounty (Italy)

I am the main master of Prestige Lash & Brow Academy (Italy) and have been in the aesthetic sector since 2009 and first qualified as a beautician and dermopigmentist

Over the years I haveedecided to take the Lash & Brow route. Several works have been published in various national and international newspapers, such as Cilmag (France), Lash Ink (Italy), Planetta belezza (Spain), Angel wings.
I participated in many competitions, winning awards in several categories:
Lash Cup, Bologna 2017; 3rd place nomination "one to one" master; Lashes Catania 2018
1st place nomination "one to one" ; Lash Cup, Naples 2019
2nd place "one to one" master nomination; Best work by Julia Alvarez; Best work by Wendy Artino
Best work by Valentina Schettino; Planetta belezza online competition, 2019
1st place in the Fantasy category; Lash Competition Timisoara, 2019
2nd place nomination Color lash Elite; Lash Angels Challenge, 2019
2nd place nomination Color Volume master; lash Cup Italia, 2019 - 2nd place "One to one" master nomination and 2nd place nomination "Light volume" master and 2nd place nomination "Fantasy" and best work by Simona Bruno


Laura Kaminskiene(Ireland)

MB Beauty School owner & president. Worked as a professional lash stylist for many years in Ireland,where the first MB Beauty School was opened. Laura Kaminskiene is working with a lot of big world-known projects that she has founded like : Top Level Educators Team, Celtic-Baltic Event and many more. She is the official editor of Lash Me magazine in Lithuania & Ireland,professional bussines mentor & inspirational person for all other beauty industry masters.
MB Beauty School is one of the biggests beauty schools in Europe. Laura Kaminskiene presented her school in more than 40 different events as a speaker & judge. Usually American lash friends and not only call her LASH MAFIA because of her inspiration, courage, ideas, fun attitude & power.  🙂 Laura is known as a strict, professional international teacher. Students after her trainings become professional and well known masters.
Laura Kaminskiene is the founder of Madam Butterfly brand, distributor of Deluxe Lashes and found herself and is very passionate about a new treatment in beauty industry BB Glow.
Laura Kaminskiene as well is the founder of very new technique “ EXPRESS VOLUME EFFECT ".

Speach topic: Become better lash artist + lash innovations.

Lesley-ann Altree (South Africa)

Lesley-ann is the co-founder and Head Trainer of Luscious Lashes International. She started in the beauty industry as a hairdresser and owned her own salon for many years before becoming involved in the Lash Extension industry. Her company offers training as well as sales and distribution of lash extensions, microblading, and sunless tanning.
Luscious Lashes International was the first company to offer lash extension products and training in South Africa as long ago as 2005 and has grown into an international trainer and supplier over the past 15 years.
Her achievements include:
Head educator and course designer for Luscious Lashes International
Featured in the Lash Masters Lash Inc Volume 2 publication
International Trainer
International Lash Judge
International Speaker
Designed internationally accredited courses in Classic and Russian Volume, Lash Lift, Microblading
Established franchise trainers and distributors in SA and internationally
Winner of Lash Inc 2015 Lash Artist of the year Masters Category – Lash Art
Winner of Star Lash Academy Poland Lash Artist of the year Masters Category 2016
Winner of London Lash 2018 - Lash Battle Artisit Masters Category of the year
Nominee for 2020 Lash Artist of the year - Artist Fur
Work has featured in Lash Inc magazine
Organizor of the online Lash competition for LashMaster Legends and convenor of the first LashMaster Legends educational conference in Cape Town – July 2016, co-host of LashMaster Legends conference, 2017 and 2018 in Italy and also the upcoming LashMaster Legends Educational Conference in Johannesburg in March 2020.


Daniel Olsson (Sweden)

With his roots in the metal melting industry, as a working mechanic with environmental health and safety and risk assessments as main work, Daniel is a highly skilled professional who did a huge turn and started working in the beauty industry along side his partner, Jane Eriksson. With over 20 certificates from the worlds leading lash artists and conferences, he is well trained and much appreciated lash artist, still working with clients, when possible, in the beauty salong he co owns in beautiful Helsingborg, Sweden.
Daniel is also the Co-organizer of the Swedish Masters since 2016, Co-organizer of The Lash Games UK 2018-19, a judge in multiple eyelash Championships, published in multiple lash magazines and is yearly invited as speaker and trainer world wide.
Well known in the lash industry for his safety trainings and in-dept knowledge of health hazards for eyelash adhesives, Daniel is a frequently quoted figure in the eyelash industry. Co-running his and Janes own webshop: ”Lash ’n’ Brow Store” in Sweden and the newly launched brand ”Blacklashes.pro” created together with a few carefully selected partners which went live for world wide sales in 2018


Sarah Pennington (USA)

Passionate lash artist since 2008, international judge and speaker, customer service fanatic, and founder of 2 time NALA top 5 awarded The Lash Collection - a USA based eyelash extension supply company that offers premium eyelash extension products & training to lash artists around the world.
In 2010 Sarah opened the first lash-only salon in Atlanta, GA USA, which became the most sought after lash destination in the city. The salon's demanding clientele led to the need to create the most perfect eyelash extension products possible, and The Lash Collection* was born. (*not to be confused with the South African Company, there is no affiliation). Since 2011 The Lash Collection has become known for some of the finest eyelash extension products that lash artists use and adore worldwide. Her passion for doing her best, and creating products that are beautiful, reliable, and trustworthy continues to be what inspires her in the eyelash industry every single day.


Tanja MĂĽhlbauer (GERMANY)

Owner and founder of LASHMETICS®, actually studied art. With some sidetrips and detours she found her true profession: Lashes.
Glorious trainers as Ala Rio, Polina Glebanova, Loreta Jasilionyte, Nataliya Morozova and others gave her the know-how and inspired her to search for new ways and procedures. It would not be Tanja to stop her engagement by creating lashes. Tanja likes to give other Lashstylists a repertoire of premiumlashes and other equipment for their professional work. She always finds ways to make the lashartists work easier, faster or better.
Tanja Mühlbauers onlineshop www.lashmetics.de shows her passion for LashArt. LASHMETICS® is the place where LashArtist’s find everything for their work. Besides doing lashes and running LASHMETICS´onlineshop Tanja loves being a judge and often is sponsoring or judging at competitions in Germany and worldwide as for example at Lash Wars in Las Vegas, USA


Giedre Rupsauskaite-Nikols (UK)

Qualified and insured Permanent Makeup Artist and Microblading Expert, performing eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip treatments for more than 5 years. Master Trainer by Agnes Permanent academy.
World's Best PMU Artist Sisterhood Association membership. Eyebrows and PMU best Artist of the year 2019 finalist in UK. Microblading best Artist of the year 2019 3rd place winner in UK.
European Association of PMU and Microblading Royal Master.
Living 10 years in Great Britain, since then, I’ve treated thousands of people across the country.


OLGA Sharipova (Italy)
Trainer at International level.
Author of individual programs and techniques for Extension eyelashes One to One, Volume Eyelash Extension, eyebrows and Microblading.
Founder and owner of the Academy Imperial Lash & Brows by Olga Sharipova.
One of the biggest sellers in Italy of products for eyelashes and eyebrows.
Publishing of the italian magazine specialized in lash and brow industry "Lash & Brow Addicted".
Judge at the "International Championship Lashmaker" Chisinau in 2014.
Judge at the championship "International Eyelash Extension Competition Baltic" in 2015.
Organizer of the "National Championship the Extension Eyelashes" Rome 2015.
Participant at the conference "International Conference Materclasses PMU" Athens 2016.
Judge at the championship "Lash Challenge Kadi Krivats" Aosta in 2016.
Speaker at the conference "Lash & Brow International Congress" Rome 2016.
Judge at the ""Brow expert Championship of microblading" Moscow 2016
Judge at the first championship of microblading in Moldavia february 2017
Judge at 5th eyelash extension championship in Moldavia february 2017
Organizer the "National olimpiads in lash and brow industry" Rome May 2017
Speaker at the " Lash Master Conference " Rome May 2017
Judge at “Oscars online competition” Gran Bretagna november 2017
Judge at “Lash fest Romania" Bucarest november” 2017
Judge at “International Lash Cup" Italy december 2017
Judge at “Olimpiadi extension ciglia e sopracciglia Torino’’ febbraio 2018
Speaker at the  “Lash Pro Balkan ’’ Serbia march 2018
Judge at “Lash Challenge Croatia’’ Croatia april 2018
Online Judge at ‘’Universe lash & Brow ’’ Spain april 2018
Speaker at the " Lash Master Legends Conference " Rome May 2018
Speaker at the ‘’ Top Lash Camp’’ Romania August 2018
Speaker at the ‘’ Global Congress Lash & Brow’’ Bruxelles september 2018
Judge at ‘’My Lash Emporium Championship ’’ Portugalia october 2018
Speaker at the ‘’ Cruise Campus Lash & Brow’’ October 2018
Speaker at the ‘’International Congress’’ Spain november 2018
XII International Championship, Poland
"Empire of beauty" 201
2nd place nomination "Creative image"


Arta Witas (Poland)
Official distributor of Frame Lashes for Poland
Owner of beauty salon in the center of Warsaw
Participant of many trainings with world lash trainers
Participant of world lashes conferences
Multiple winner of championships in expert category
Intenational trainer and judge of the championship


Monica Zet(Spain)

Monica is an environmental engineer specializing in water chemistry by profession, lashista by passion
Monica Zet Lash + Brow Trainer and Lash Master in Spain
CEO of Monica Zet Lash + Brow
Inventor of the patented Tweezer Protector
Producer of own line of products for eyelash styling, incluiding bestseller – BIOCLEANER
Experienced Lash artist – 10 years of experience
Author of voluminous technique with x-tweezer
International judge and speaker at international conferences
Organiser of Worldwide competition:
  Lash Bulls 2018 - Marbella, Spain
  Eye of Cobijada 2019 - Spain
Training organizer "Let's talk about lashes" Cuba 2018, Mexico 2019
Organiser of Lash Campus - Costa del Sol 2018
International judge and speaker at international conferences
Lash Lift Trainer
Microblading, Nanoblading and Microshading Trainer